Video Object Segmentation

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The goal of video object segmentation is to detect the primary object in videos and to delineate it from the background in all frames. Video object segmentation is a well-researched problem in the computer vision community and is a prerequisite for a variety of high-level vision applications, including content based video retrieval, video summarization, activity understanding and targeted content replacement. The proposed approach has several contributions: First, a novel layered Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) based framework is presented for detection and segmentation of the primary object in video. We exploit the fact that, in general, objects are spatially cohesive and characterized by locally smooth motion trajectories, to extract the primary object from the set of all available proposals based on motion, appearance and predicted-shape similarity across frames. Second, the DAG is initialized with an enhanced object proposal set where motion based proposal predictions (from adjacent frames) are used to expand the set of object proposals for a particular frame. Last, the paper presents a motion scoring function for selection of object proposals that emphasizes high optical flow gradients at proposal boundaries to discriminate between moving objects and the background.

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